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Stylish, chic and hipster inspired earrings by Reina!

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Reina Jewelry was started by San Diego native Kirra Reyna when she began making handmade dream catchers for friends. The demand for her unique, handcrafted dreamcatchers got larger each week so it only felt natural to expand the business. Reina Jewelry dream catchers are now sold at local stores and boutiques throughout San Diego and reinajewelry.com was created so that people outside of the local area could also enjoy these beautiful handmade dream catchers.

The inspiration for each dreamcatcher comes from a variety of different cultures and styles. Taken from Native American culture I have designed our own version of the traditional Dream Catcher, hand picking every single string and bead that is used to make them. The Western culture also has a big influence on my dreamcatcher desings. I love the beautiful and intricate details that go into Western styled charms and have incorporated them throughout my line of dream catchers. My goal for Reina Jewelry is to take the styles from these different cultures and combine them with today’s trends in order to create unique and stylish dreamcatchers to people will love to display.

My customer’s approval and satisfaction is my number one priority. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or custom orders. I truly appreciate your business and hope you love your product!

Reina Jewelery specializes in making dream catchers with very unique designs and materials. From handmade dream catchers to car mirror dream catchers every piece is designed to give you that unique and beautiful dream cather that you've always wanted!